Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Review

Before using a Fleshlight, I had never really considered temperature when playing with sex toys. I vaguely remember a woman mentioning that a vibrator was cold and asking me to warm it up in my hand before using it on her long ago.

Have you been following my Fleshlight journey? I am now the proud owner of a Fleshlight Flight and a Fleshlight GO Torque ICE. Both are rad and both get used often.

But there was something missing. It never really felt like the real thing. I wanted to find more textures because it wasn’t exactly right. I finally figured out what the problem is, and thank God that Fleshlight can read my mind. I now own my third item from Fleshlight.com. This one isn’t another Fleshlight, it’s a sleeve warmer.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Flesh light sleeve warmer reviewHere it is!

It really looks unobtrusive. Fleshlight sells these things for $29.95 on their website and I think almost every Fleshlight owner could benefit from a sleeve warmer.


Well, most men have had sex with a real vagina. The secret about vaginas is that they are hot! I don’t mean figuratively, like sexy, I mean literally! The inside of a woman’s vagina feels like a wet hot hug on your penis. 37 degrees may not feel so hot when it’s a bath or when cooking, but around your man meat, it’s going to make sure you’re “well done.” There’s a reason why they joke about “hot apple pie” feeling like a vagina.

If the point isn’t clear, a vagina feels damn hot.

A Fleshlight, however, doesn’t feel hot. It actually feels a little cold when you put your penis in.

This tends to destroy any realism that you have created with your masturbation fantasies. Now, let’s not be so rash and say that a cold sleeve ruins the Fleshlight experience. A Fleshlight still feels damn good. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in realism with your sex toys, you’re going to want to pick up one of these warmers.

How the Sleeve Warmer Works

So this is basically a warmer like you’d find in a fish tank.  The entire rod will get warm in just a minute or so. The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer sits on a plastic base with non-slip grips on the feet. It is powered by a USB cable that can be plugged into your computer or wall. Once plugged in, you’ll see a light on the base that lets you know that it’s on. You simply remove the cap off of any Fleshlight (or any masturbation sleeve really) that you own and slide it onto the rod.

Fleshlight’s claim is that it will warm your toy in about 5 minutes. In my opinion, it is best to leave it on for about 10 minutes to make sure that it’s steamy hot. It has one temperature setting and that is 40C or 105F. That’s slightly hotter than the inside of a vagina, but I think that’s a good temperature because it does cool down quite quickly.

It is equipped with an auto-shut off so that you don’t have to worry about over heating and/or ruining your Fleshlight.

 fleshlight warmer with Fleshlight flightHow does it Feel?

I think that the Sleeve Warmer makes every Fleshlight feel more realistic and better to have sex with. After about 10 minutes on the warmer, I’ll take it off and apply a generous amount of lube (by the way, Fleshlight recommends that you don’t use the warmer when you’ve already got lube on your toy. They also mention that the warmer is water resistant so I’ll take my chances here and just wipe it with a cloth when I’m done). When it’s lubed up, I have to say that the Fleshlight does feel remarkably like a wet and warm vagina.

The bad part?

It doesn’t last very long. I would say that I get about 1 minute of super hot and intense warmth and about 3-4 minutes of warmth that is noticeable. After that, the Fleshlight just goes back to being another hunk of fake vagina.

So I found a solution for this problem. I have two Fleshlights. I keep one on the warmer while I’m using the other one, then I switch them out when they start to feel cooler. Sometimes I get a fresh and hot one right for orgasm, and sometimes I am impatient and just finish using the cooling one that I have.

Final Thoughts on the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

I think that it does a great job in heating up the toy quickly. The problem doesn’t lie with the warmer, it is the material of the Fleshlight itself that doesn’t retain heat very well. I would suggest to make sure and keep the end cap on to conserve heat if you’re finding that it’s cooling down too quickly.

One option would be to be able to set it to a slightly higher temperature. Maybe have three settings: low, medium, and high. 37C, 40C, and 42C. These small increments may seem like they wouldn’t be noticeable, but your penis is extremely sensitive and certainly will be able to tell the difference.

It would also be interesting to have an air warmer instead of a radiant heat warmer. This way it could double as a drying rack as well as a warmer. If it was pushing hot air out of the rod, you would probably be able to fully dry a washed Fleshlight in about 20 minutes.

Overall, I will use the warmer with my Fleshlights every time that I am able. Is it revolutionary and the best gadget that you’ll ever use? Nope, but it does what it says it should do and my penis has been thanking me since I got it.

You can get your own Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer straight from the source at Fleshlight.com.




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