Fleshlight Flight vs. GO ICE

In my last post, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Fleshlights.

I think most of us guys are pretty curious about how fake vaginas feel but we’re mostly ashamed to buy one and try it out for ourselves. Fuck that. I’ll try anything once, or, when it comes to Fleshlights now, many, many times.

Time to Buy Another Fleshlight

So off to Fleshlight.com to buy myself another masturbation sleeve. I thought that the Fleshlight Flight was wonderful but, as I mentioned, the entire sleeve wasn’t as interesting as the first half of the sleeve and I wanted something with a little bit more texture and stimulation. I wonder how addicting it can get to keep trying new sleeves, hoping for that perfect sensation.

Oh god, maybe I’m like a drug addict searching for that perfect high.

At this moment in time, I’m not thinking about interventions or stopping anytime soon. My greedy penis is just looking for more interesting things to poke its head into. Fleshlights are fairly inexpensive anyways.

When I bought the Fleshlight Flight, one of the things that I was concerned about was discretion. I wanted to make sure that my jackass roommates wouldn’t be noticing that I had a dick sleeve on my nightstand and sabotage it. Now that I own the Flight, I’ve realized that if I’m not living alone, it will never be left out in plain sight. It needs to stay open in order to dry after use and a drawer or closet is the only realistic place to store it while taken apart. So I’ve decided that I don’t care if my next Fleshlight looks like a sex toy. It won’t be on display ever.

With that being said, I decided on the Fleshlight GO Ice. Fleshlight Reviews - Go Torque ICE

Fleshlight GO Torque ICE

The Fleshlight GO Torque ICE is one of Fleshlight’s most popular toys. I soon found out why.

What makes it so unique?

Several things. Firstly, all Fleshlight GOs are “compact” versions of the Classic and Build-Your-Own Fleshlights. This means that instead of 8-9″ in insertable length, you’ll have about 6.5 inches to bury your willy into. This is great for us guys that aren’t hung like porn stars. We want to experience the entire sleeve and not just the first half of it.

If you’ve failed to notice, the Fleshlight GO is entirely clear. The case and the sleeve are both crystal clear. Uh, this means that you can see your junk as you’re wanking it. I’m not super obsessed with my penis but, damn, it looks neat as it’s getting massaged and played with by the GO. It also magnifies your stuff just a little bit so that you can pretend that you’re just a tad bigger than you actually are.

My dick isn’t the only thing that’s getting stroked here (ego… my ego is also getting stroked).

The Fleshlight GO also doesn’t have an anatomical orifice.


I mean that the opening is not a vagina, a butthole or a mouth. It’s just a twisty vortex. I soon learned that I prefer the non-anatomical opening because it feels a little less creepy and desperate. The post-wank shame level isn’t so high as when I’m finished fucking a fake pussy.

The Fleshlight GO Sleeve
Flesh light Go torque ice sleeve

When I was looking for a different option from the Fleshlight Flight, it was mostly because I was curious to what other sleeves are available to try.

If you remember, the sleeve on the Flight felt pretty good, but the last half of it was rather boring. On one hand, it was good that it was boring because that meant that my penis didn’t get over stimulated and sensitive as I was getting close to cumming. On the other hand, it was a little bland.

The GO sleeve isn’t wildly different from the Flight sleeve but there are a few key differences.

  • The very end tapers off sharply so it feels like almost a little squeeze on the end of your penis. It feels very very good.
  • Before the very end, the sleeve is very textured. In the picture, it looks really tight, but those nubs are pretty wavy so it doesn’t feel like you’re squeezing a hot dog through a spaghetti maker. It almost tickles.
  • I’m sorry for being biased, but I can see exactly what’s happening. This makes it a million times better. I can see how the different textures feel differently and which parts I like best. This is totally different from the unknown black box that I was sticking my penis into before (the Fleshlight Flight).

Final Thoughts

All in, I think that I prefer the Fleshlight GO over the Flight.

Don’t get me wrong. Both of these are extremely effective masturbation sleeves and both feel freaking fantastic. The clear nature of the GO makes it an automatic winner for me. If you’re not concerned with others seeing your sex toy and knowing it’s a sex toy, absolutely go for the GO Ice. If you need/want to have a sex toy that can sit on your bookshelf and look like an attachment for a camera or funky lamp, then the Fleshlight Flight is definitely still for you.

You can snag the Fleshlight GO Torque Ice at Fleshlight.com! 



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