Fleshlight Flight. Curious Nicky Orders a Fleshlight

If you’re like me, you would by lying if you said that you weren’t just a little bit curious about Fleshlights.

That curiosity peaked around 17 or 18 when I wasn’t having sex but I was furiously masturbating multiple times a day. Back then, I got my hands on a cheap male stroker that had no hard case around it. It disintegrated within several months. I’m not saying it fell apart because I was a horny teenager that used it all the time and didn’t have a very rigorous cleaning protocol, but, that’s exactly what happened. I’m sure dried cum was all that was keeping it together at the end.

Teenaged boys are absolutely disgusting.

Now, as a more responsible and mature man, my dick no longer rules my brain and I’m sure that I can take care of a masturbation sleeve properly. I mean, I hope I can.

Ordering a Fleshlight

I had read some good Fleshlight reviews over at BobsandKnobs, and I’m glad that I learned not to order from Amazon. Amazon is normally my go-to online shopping destination but, apparently, when it comes to Fleshlights and other brand name sex toys, there are just too many fakes to be sure that you’re getting the real thing.

Onwards to Fleshlight.com then!

The Fleshlight website is really a marvel. They have amazing pictures littered throughout the website of their products nestled between the legs of porn stars and models. You’ll see pictures of girls blowing popsicles that are wrapped in Fleshlights. I’m immediately impressed. Also, I’m immediately horny.

So you navigate to their Fleshlight options. Holy shit there are a lot of Fleshlights. My head is reeling a little bit but I think I know what I want:

  • My penis is fairly averaged sized, so I don’t think I need a full sized Fleshlight. (This leaves Fleshlight GO, Flight, and Quickshot)
  • I live with other guys and I think I want something fairly discreet. (Leaving Fleshlight Flight and Quickshot)
  • Blowjobs are pretty much my favorite, so I’m certain that I want a full sleeve that provides suction.

My choice has to be the Fleshlight Flight

Fleshlight Flight Instructor






Fleshlight Flight

The Fleshlight Flight is a compact and ergonomically molded Fleshlight for guys that don’t need all of the 8-9 inches of fake pussy that is found in the Classic Fleshlights. You’ll get a modest 6 inches of insertable length with the Flight. For me, this is perfect as my schlong is just below that 6 inch mark. I’ll get to experience the sensations of the entire sleeve this way.

I’m already excited.

Flesh light Flight instructor Case (black)





Here’s the cool thing about the Flight. It doesn’t look like a Fleshlight or a flashlight. Put it on your bookshelf and it looks like a a decoration or lamp of some sort. If we’re being honest, the whole flashlight masturbator thing isn’t really discreet anymore because the Fleshlight brand is so synonymous with flashlights. Also, Classic Fleshlights are HUGE; I’m wondering who on earth has flashlights that are that big.

Anyways, the Flight is cool because it looks completely different from any other Fleshlight. Unless you owned one yourself, you likely wouldn’t know that this is a sex sleeve.

The only choice I have to make is which Fleshlight Flight to get. My options are the black Flight Instructor or the white Flight Pilot. My only thought when deciding between the two was that a white plastic case seemed like a bad idea with my sweaty hands gripping it. Also black looks better on my shelf. 

There are  a few differences between the two when it comes to the internal sleeve texture. The white Pilot is a bit tighter and has more of a speedbump texture, whereas the blafleshlight flight instructor sleeveck Instructor texture is more varied.


Fleshlight flight pilot internal texture

Using a Fleshlight for the First Time

I was genuinely excited about getting my first Fleshlight in the mail. I had horny memories of how good my first male masturbator felt way back in the day (before I managed to destroy it) and thinking about how good that had felt just made the anticipation greater for my Fleshlight.

It didn’t take long to arrive; maybe a few days, but the wait was excruciating!

Finally, it was here. I had my Fleshlight in my hands. In my mind, I promised that I would take care of this one and treat it with the respect that it deserves.

I then had to wait a few hours until my roommates were all at work. I wanted to make sure that there was zero chance of anyone catching me masturbating so I could fully relax and enjoy it.

If you’ve never used a masturbation sleeve before, the first thing you’ll want to remember is that you need lube. It just will not feel very good unless you’re fully slicked up with a water-based lubrication. Luckily, I have plenty of lube in my toy box so I oiled it up and went to town.

If you’re thinking that it brought back memories of being 17 and using my hand held cum-sleeve, you’d be wrong. The Flight was a new experience entirely! This wasn’t some cheap stroker that was made from God-knows-what, this was a real simulation of a vagina!

Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was that it was TIGHT. It was tight in all of the right places.

Fleshlight Flight Internal Sleeve


After initial insertion, it’s not as tight throughout the whole sleeve. This works out well because the next bit is, what I would call, interesting. It’s little nubs that massage your penis randomly. This is the section with the highest amount of sensation and it feels great on the shaft of my penis. The last few inches is pretty smooth and, while I don’t want to say boring, it certainly ensures that the head of my penis doesn’t get sensitive as I’m about to cum.

And cum I did!

Cleaning the Fleshlight Flight

Oh, I tried to make it last as long as possible. I tried just to enjoy the bumpy ride. Alas, I couldn’t hold it any longer and opted to release inside of my new toy. My promise that I had made to cherish and take care of this Flesh light was all but forgotten for several minutes as I basked in the sweet afterglow of my orgasm.

Oh shit. I have to clean this thing out now.

So cleaning it wasn’t as bad as I remembered from my younger days. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that I was just an extremely (and not to mention, disgusting) lazy teenager.

Take the sleeve out of the case, rinse it with water a few times, then leave it to dry apart in a drawer for a couple of hours. No big deal at all!

Conclusions and Why I’ll Probably Buy Another Fleshlight

Well, not surprisingly, I really enjoyed the sensations the the Fleshlight Flight provided. I’m glad I read so many Fleshlight reviews and chose the Flight for my first purchase. The texture was great, the size was perfect for me, and the case itself was easy to hold and ergonomic.

It turns out that cleaning and maintaining a Fleshlight isn’t so hard. You just have to rinse it immediately after use. No big deal. Past me was just lazy and gross.

I’m Curious Nicky though. If this texture feels so amazing, what ELSE feels good? I’m so intrigued by the sensations that the textures offer that I’m pretty excited to try more Fleshlights and see what they have to offer.

You can get yourself a Fleshlight straight from Fleshlight.com and see which texture is your favorite. 


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